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Triple 5K initiative is an effort for the Greater Houston Church to focus on Servanthood & Evangelism throughout the month of October. Championed by the Single’s Ministry, this initiative rests on 3 pillars:  Service, Kindness, Health.

  • SERVICE: Church members are encouraged to serve their communities with the specific purpose of contributing toward feeding 5,000 people in need.

  • KINDNESS: Members are also encouraged to perform regular random acts of kindness (RAoKs) to individuals they encounter.

  • HEALTH: Lastly, members are encouraged to engage in regular physical activity via running, walking, or bicycling.


For each activity, members are encouraged to fill out this Activity Log to log their actions and track the cumulative contributions of the church. This program is designed to include everyone – even if you may have physical limitations of some kind.


The capstone to our month of service will be a congregational 5K run/walk/bike at Sergeant J.R. Hatch Park in West Houston on November 4, 2023, at 9 am.

The initiative is tailored to include people of all ages and (dis)abilities. Even individuals who are health inclined and elect to stay isolated are able to engage in any of the efforts in this initiative.


       Collective Goals for GHC

  • 5000 Meals Prepared and Served

  • 5000 Random Acts of Kindness
    (average 5 “RAok” per person)

  • 5000 Kilometers ran/walked/biked


Service Opportunities by Region



Be a Neighbor

Meals on Wheels (Contact North HOPEww Representative)

Houston Food Bank

Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM)


Be a Neighbor

Manvel Community Outreach Mobile Food Pantry

Family Promise (Contact Glen & Renee Blevins)

Bay Area Meals on Wheels

Southeast Area Ministries

The Mercy Tree

Mobile Food Pantry at Crossroads UMC (Contact Gulf Coast HOPEww Representative)

Random Acts of Kindness BINGO

Random Acts

Goal: Perform 5 Acts of Kindness

Ambition: Blackout the board with 25 Acts of Kindness




What qualifies as an activity for the Triple 5K initiative?

Any community service opportunity that logs hours, any meal prepared or served to individuals in need, any isolated act of kindness to better someone else or your community, and any exercise involving running/walking/cycling any distance. Fill out Survey to log any qualifying activity.


How long does filling out the Activity Log Survey take?

15-30 seconds (depending on typing speed)


Are activities limited to opportunities offered by church or HWW?

No! The objective is to simply get out, serve those in need, be kind to others, and focus on self-health. All qualifying activities, no matter through which organization, count.


What counts for preparing and serving meals?

If volunteering somewhere that prepares meals, use the host organization’s average daily projection of meals served. If preparing meals yourself, just count those meals


How do you count service hours or random acts of kindness performed by multiple people?

Multiply the number of hours served by the total people who served in your group to tally the total man-hours served, then have one person log those hours on the group's behalf.  If multiple people participated in the same RAoK then each person can claim the act and should each log the action separately.




Aqui & Liz Rodriguez

Gulf Coast

Maria & Chris Rollins


Jill Charney & Cathleen Alexander


Dion & Yolanda Burks

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