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Greater Houston Church

About the Event
“Playing For A Chance” is a 7 hour event, in which 48 players will compete in a day long sand volleyball tournament in order to raise funds to sponsor 48 children through a program called “Chance for Africa”. Each participant is required to raise at least $100 — on average, this amount will help one child in Africa go to school next year.
Chance for Africa is a benevolent program through the Africa Missions Association and is designed to help African children acquire proper education. Often times, it is very expensive for children to attend school in Africa as they do not have free public-school systems like we have here in the United States and many other countries. The funds you contribute will directly help the families pay for books, uniforms, meals, and much more. Like most places around the world, finishing high school has a dramatic impact on one’s quality of life — the impact of this program is amazing!
August 26, 2023
11AM - 6PM

District 249, 23238 State Highway 249

Tomball, TX  77375

If you’d like to register to fundraise and play, complete the player registration and the release form.
If you’re not interested in playing, but you’d like to donate to Chance for Africa, click "Donate."
For any further questions

Rosalind Dillard

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