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Date: Sunday, October 6th, 2019


Time: 10:00am

The Westin Houston, Memorial City

945 Gessner Rd., Houston, TX 77024

The Greater Houston Church invites you to join us on October 6, 2019, for a morning of worship, sharing and teaching. We have entitled our morning together “I am HERe.”


Our goal for our morning is twofold. As women we are often characterized by titles, responsibilities, traits, and experiences. However, once we look beyond the exterior and listen to one another, we come to recognize that with each shared story, memory, and experience, we have far more commonalities than we do things that divide us. We hope that as you fellowship with us  and listen to those sharing, you will recognize some part of yourself and be inspired that you are not alone. We want you to find support in the sisterhood God designed for you to have and declare “I am her!”


Finally,  we want our time together to be a reminder that we were created to be used for His glory and to help others.  We each must be willing to say to God, “Use me, God. I am here!”  Together we can encourage each other to keep volunteering to do His will.


We look forward to seeing you and praising God together!

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