Cultural Awareness Proposal

Cultural Awareness Team Proposal

Scriptures: Acts 6:1-7, 1 Cor 9:19-23, 1 Cor 12:12-13:13, Eph 4


The Elders and Evangelists would like to communicate our ideas for moving forward with our goal to see a group of members identified in the GHC to help us in our desire to meet specific needs in our fellowship and our community. The GHC is a very diverse church spread over the most diverse city in our nation. We believe that the Holy Spirit is always at work to bring the will of our Father in heaven to fruition in our world. The struggles for a Kingdom led by Christ as the Head and unified, as each part does its work to build itself up in love, is an ongoing challenge. The Holy Spirit used Paul in Galatians 2:11-13 to deal with a problem that the Apostle Peter was knowingly creating. We will be using as a guide the example of Acts chapter 6 when there was a part of the early church that communicated neglect. The Apostles asked the church to choose individuals known to be filled with the Holy Spirit to help meet the need. This event could have divided the fellowship, but the swift and purposeful action of the new church not only prevented this from happening but as the scriptures reveal, resulted in great growth and unity. In developing this plan we consulted with other church leaders and diversity groups and appreciate their input.




It is a group of individual members serving the GHC to help keep the Evangelists and Elders be aware of social and cultural needs of our members and in the community. Three components/functions brought forward for the diversity initiative of the church are Education, Listening, and Serving (Impacting) the community.


Education - We need solid teaching to unite us as a body on issues we face in our environments. We all have many questions and perspectives, leading to confusion at times. Good teaching will help unite and equip us with the relevant scriptures to bring God glory as we encounter different situations in our communities. This teaching can be for those inside and outside of our church.


Listening - We need an appropriate channel for our feelings and questions. Although we can talk to each other, sometimes it can be the “blind leading the blind” on certain issues. We all tend to gravitate to groups with similar perspectives. It is critical to get feedback from all members of the body.


Serving - We are more impactful together. We can coordinate serving opportunities to make more of a difference and bring glory to God. All opportunities would be approached with special care to maintain unity despite differences.




July 26-August 1: Potential team members identified and invited to serve

August- September 20: Education, training and selection of team

September 20: Presentation of GHC Cultural Awareness Team


We would like to ask the GHC family to take the rest of the month of July to pray about those who may be qualified to serve. After you have spent time in prayer, please submit via email to your region leader, the name(s) of individuals from your prospective regions that you would like to be considered for the team. We ask that these names be submitted by Sunday, July 26. These people do not need to be bible talk leaders, but they do need to be full of the “Spirit.” The leadership team will take that week to pray and fast and identify potential individuals to serve. A group of individuals that have been identified will be asked to join a training program that will meet in the month of August. During this time, there will be Biblical teaching and reading from other sources to equip these members. The August team members will develop the roles and functions of the Cultural Awareness Team for the GHC. In September we will then select from that group our Cultural Awareness Team and present them to the church.

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