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Cash Receipts Training

Thank you for your interest in serving on a count team for the Greater Houston Church. Please watch the video and complete the form below.

Download the Cash Receipts Procedures Document.


Do I need to run an adding tape if there's only one check?

No, if there's only one check, there's no need for an adding tape.

What if a check has a restriction in the memo section that is not one of the normal revenue types (Regular, HOPE, Special)?

Return the check to the donor and ask them to contact the church office about making the donation.

Can a person be a counter one week and a depositor the next week?

Yes, a person can be a counter one week and a depositor the next week. A person cannot serve both roles in the same count.

What if I have security concerns about taking the deposit to the bank?

Ask a second person to accompany you to the bank. If that is not sufficient, communicate your concerns to the church office.

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