Academics - Opportunity or Obstacle

This study is designed for those of you who are students in either high school or college. God certainly expects excellence of Christian students. If not excellent results, at least excellent effort. Too often undisciplined students become Christians and then use evangelism or church activities as an excuse for mediocre performance. We must help students to see academics as a God-given responsibility. There is nothing “unspiritual” about studies. The unspiritual course to take is to neglect academics. Without perseverance, the student suffers loss in character, discipline, confidence and credibility – not to mention future prospects.


2 Corinthians 5:11-21

God calls us to be an ambassador for Christ at our schools. We have a responsibility to glorify God in all we do, including our academics. We are also compelled by Christ’s love to help others be reconciled to God.


Colossians 3:22-23

Attitude is more important than aptitude. Academics are a vital part of your spiritual life. To have consistent motivation, work for God, not for self.


1 Thessalonians 5:11-12

A consistent example has an impact!  Classmates will be drawn to those who can help others.


Mark 7:37

People were amazed by Jesus’ all-around excellence. You will amaze family and friends if you excel in all areas.  “Ministry through academics, not in spite of academics.”


James 1:2-4

Persevering with academics leads to spiritual maturity, discipline, focus and faith.  Suggested scriptures:  Proverbs 6:6; Proverbs 18:9; Philippians 2:14-16; 1 Timothy 4:15-16



  • Seek input in the area of academics.

  • Get input from professors, lecturers, classmates.

  • Attend every lecture.  This is important for your example.

  • Take good notes and catch up on missed lectures.

  • Go through homework within a day of receiving it and plan how you will get it done.

  • Keep current at all times - for conscience’s sake, as well as for practical reasons.

  • Aim to sleep reasonably, especially during exams.